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9 things you can do to avoid losing your identity while in

Losong your professional or wallet at all ccan. They reminded me of the person I had always been, and they were there to give me up when I fell. Spend time by yourself. Know time by yourself. One fatal mistake in relationshipsespecially new ones, is when years start filling up their time with their partner good at the hiring of their friends bad. You let him have his way most of the entire if not all.

Your self-confidence has shrunk. The right relationship will push you to the top. It will improve your self-worth and boost your self-esteem and morale. But since you've become so dependent to him and your relationship with him, you stopped conquering mountains on your own. The strong sense of self that you used to have has been lost and you're not moving even one finger to find it. You've compromised your standards. And you've crossed your limits way too often than you can remember, all in the name of love. Your values have been pushed to the side and the sad thing is you know it but you're not doing anything about it for fear that he'll dump you.

You miss your single life. You hear that inner voice inside of you saying how single life is so much better than being stuck in a relationship where you're clearly losing who you are. You attempt to silence it but the voice grows stronger each day, making you feel more and more like a bird with clipped wings, unable to fly. You don't feel like you're "You. Yes, how you look is superb but you pity yourself for not being able to show your true colors and be accepted and loved for it. You've stopped pushing for what truly is the best for you. Spend time by yourself. Go out one night — just you and the things you love to do. Maybe you go see a movie that you really like, or hike your favorite trail, or sit at home with a box of chocolate, a glass of wine, and Netflix no judgment here!

Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy. Learning to be alone is one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves. You are then free to choose somebody to add to your life. Keep your friends close by. Your circle of friendships is your tribe. You need to stay close to those who invest in you and speak wisdom into your life. Especially when you are in a relationship.

There's No Denying It: 11 Honest Signs You've Lost Your Identity In The Relationship

The kind who will tell you that dress makes you look fat, and yet you take no offense because they only speak the Honest to God truth! One fatal mistake in relationshipsespecially new ones, is when women start filling up their time with their partner good at the exclusion of their friends bad. Allow your partner to become your friend, but not the only one. Stay connected with family. Our families are often dysfunctional and quirky, but they are still family. Your roots are in your family. Relying on my family was one of the best ways I recovered from losing myself in that relationship.

They reminded me of the person I had always been, and they were there to pick me up when I fell. Of course, not every person is lucky enough to have positive family. When you can, stay connected with those family members who will keep you grounded. Set up boundaries quickly. Lay down the rules of the relationship.

You can use your safe at home to protect items such as your social security card, birth certificate and passport. Protect your purse or wallet at all times. The best purses are those that can be zipped or closed shut. Try not to use bags that others can easily see or reach into, and keep bags close to your body with a tight grip at all times. Do not leave wallets or purses in the car, or if you must, do not leave them exposed or in an obvious place. Photocopy the contents of your wallet. Make copies of credit cards, ID cards, and all other personal documents you keep in your wallet. Also, keep records of phone numbers to contact in case you need to close accounts or order replacement items.

Examine your bank account statements monthly to ensure that your accounts have no unauthorized charges. If they do, contact your banking institution immediately.

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